Vertical Platform Lift


A vertical platform lift can increase safety and accessibility at home, while helping you enjoy your home life more.

We offer our clients some of the best vertical platform lift options from the most respected manufacturers.

About Vertical Platform Lifts

Many times people choose to install a vertical platform lift because it takes up less room than a ramp, many people find them to be a more attractive option.

Vertical platform lifts are able to transport a power chair, wheelchair, power scooter, or other mobility device up and down between the levels of your home, either inside or outside.

Vertical platform lift - porch lift

Vertical Platform Lift Options & Features

They range from 600 lbs to 1,400 lbs.

Vertical platform lifts can have a variety of features designed to increase personal safety and ease of use. Some of these include:

  • Backup batteries to ensure lift continues to work during a power outage
  • Auto-stop features (if something is detected beneath the lift)
  • Emergency shut-off button
  • Sensors to improve load balancing
  • Weight detection
  • Easy to use gates with sensors

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