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Helping your members stay healthy at home after a change that affects their mobility or independence is our primary focus. Safe Living Solutions works with a variety of different payers, to simplify the process of getting them the help they need.

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Our accessibility specialists will conduct a thorough home assessment to determine the most cost-effective solution to meet the person’s needs. A full report is sent to you for review and approval.
Any equipment that is required to meet the person’s needs can be installed by our team. We will spec and install anything from basic ramps to lifts to high-end power solutions.
Our highly-skilled and experienced accessibility teams can provide extensive home design, modifications and remodeling solutions to ensure a person’s safety and health at home.
Projects are managed by experienced teams to constrain costs, maintain project timelines and ensure quality, so your members get the results they need. All efficiently communicated to you.

We know the systems

In all that time, we’ve gained an incredible knowledge about the companies, organizations, processes and systems that are used for 3rd party payments, such as insurance, voucher programs, etc.

We leverage our knowledge and experience, by using it to educate the people we work with; consumers and partners. It’s our way of making it easier and more efficient for everyone involved.


Verteran’s – It is our honor to help those that served our country take advantage of grants for Veterans, so they can have the homes they need. We can serve those using benefits from the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH), Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) and other VA Grant programs.

Worker’s Comp Insurance – We are experienced handling claims in worker’s comp industry, we care a $4Mil liability umbrella policy, knowledge of working with 3rd parties.

CAPSC program (community alternatives programs for children… division of medical assistance)

Medicaid & Medicare – Please note that we cannot file Medicaid & Medicare.

We get the job done right

Payers want to work with trusted professionals who have the experience and systems in place to efficiently plan, execute and complete projects. We top that with making the process simple.

Projects for your members will be completed by our team of licensed providers, adhere to ADA guidelines and be done right the first time.

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At Safe Living Solutions, we understand the solutions people need to remain safely and comfortably at home. We can help you provide that to them and reduce the stress it puts on your people.

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