Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling helps you create the kitchen you need. Beautifully functional kitchens.

Does your kitchen no longer suit your lifestyle? Is it outdated or lacking the features you want in your home today? At Safe Living Solutions, we help people like you have the kitchen you need.

Whether you’re looking to add more space to your kitchen, get more storage or just make things easier to get to, our team of kitchen remodeling professionals can help you create a kitchen that will work the way you want it to.

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Kitchen remodeling that make sense

Many of our kitchen remodeling clients have gone through changes in their lives and they’re looking to do an upgrade. Some are empty-nesters who want a kitchen that helps them entertain family or friends. Or, they have specific physical needs and are looking to get features in their kitchen that will help them in daily life.

Often times, these desires translate to features, such as more storage or open space, easier access to appliances, or just a better design that makes working (and having fun) in the kitchen easier.

That is why, as part of our kitchen remodeling services, we can guide you through your options, available features and products, to help you get the kitchen that works for you.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been serving the families in and around the High Point, NC area.

A kitchen for your future

With so much in the news today about people planning for later in life, it is no wonder so many of our customers want to make sure they have a home that will work for them after they retire. A kitchen designed to be easier-to-use, has safety built-in and will support you is a component of that. Therefore, it is a wise investment.

Our kitchen remodeling services can help you create the space that you want now and help you prepare for the future. The Safe Living Solutions professional remodeling team can install products and design features that can make getting to things in your kitchen easier. This is a by-product of designing the entire kitchen area to work for you.

Our two Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) will help guide you through all the design and product decisions. And, leverage their knowledge and experience in areas of Universal Design and accessibility. This is to ensure your finished project is the kitchen you want and need.

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Accessible kitchen remodeling

We firmly believe that a person’s home should support their life, their needs and desires. This is what makes homes easier to live in, regardless of your age or abilities.

Whether you could benefit from having roll-under counters or cooktops, need pull-down or motorized shelving, or are just interested in increasing the accessibility of your entire kitchen. Our team of kitchen remodeling professionals can help you create what you need in your kitchen.

Many of our clients have very specific physical needs, which include the use of a wheelchairs or other assistive devices. We help you create a kitchen that will allow you to use these devices easily. This provides the ability to care for yourself and your family. This specific type of accessible kitchen remodeling requires someone with extensive experience in accessible design.

That is why Safe Living Solutions is committed to making sure each of our clients has exactly what they need in their homes. To that end, we have a network of professionals that we can pull from to ensure that every customer has the right people working on their kitchen project.

Easier on you

Kitchen remodeling can work for you and we can provide that. This is highly specialized accessible kitchen design and remodeling that fits your lifestyle, while ensuring you have everything you need for daily life. A friendly, accessible remodeling specialist will answer your questions when you call.

Safe Living Solutions has been delighting our neighbors in the High Point, NC area for nearly 20 years.

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