2017 Aging in Place Survey by HomeAdvisor

The following is an overview of the 2017 HomeAdvisor aging in place survey.

Over the years, we’ve found that most folks don’t really think about how the work they do on their homes might affect them later in life.

In fact, nearly every client we’ve worked with in the Piedmont Triad area over the last 10 years who was over 55 did not consider how home improvements could make their lives easier and more enjoyable down the road. (Or, as often is the case, how it might actually make their lives more difficult.)

We’re talking about the idea of ‘aging in place’. Which is, being able to stay in the home of your choice for as long as you are able, while being able to get any assistance or support you need to do that. That is, living in a home and in a way that helps you stay happy, healthy and fulfilled.

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HomeAdvisor aging in place survey

2017 Aging in Place survey
image credit: HomeAdvisor, Inc.

A few months back, HomeAdvisor published its annual aging in place survey. This year, they asked people why they were making changes to their homes. They surveyed two groups of homeowners: people aged 55 – 75 and people over age 75.

The results were in-line with what we’ve seen over the last few years working with our clients in the High Point, NC area:

In general, people don’t really think in terms of “aging in place”. Meaning, they aren’t saying to themselves, “I’m going to age in place and need to make changes to my home.”

But, that is not stopping them from making changes in their homes that will make their lives easier now and in the future. According to the survey, that is exactly what people are doing. Most are keeping up on the maintenance of their home and many are remodeling so their homes suit their needs more now and in the future.

One of the things that makes this survey interesting is that it surveys two different age groups. (55-75 who have watched their parents age in place and those who are living that experience, themselves.)

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Ideas from the aging in place survey

Here are a few other key takeaways from the survey results.

  1. Taking a holistic approach to home improvement lays the foundation to help homeowners live better now and later, no matter their current age or objective. And they don’t have to call it aging in place to reap the benefits.
  2. Considering how changes to your home might affect you later in life is beneficial.
  3. Not everyone is motivated by (or understands) the idea of aging in place. (Which, is understandable, since it is an industry term.)
  4. People are remodeling their homes for later in life, but not calling it aging in place.
  5. People can make similar changes to their homes for different reasons. (Specifically, older homeowners may make changes because it makes life easier now or later.)
  6. Having an older loved one struggle to live in their home can affect how you think about aging in place.

By far the most important idea is that if you want the best experience in your home later in life, you should start planning immediately.

To see all the results from the HomeAdvisor aging in place survey, click here.

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